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Callender Designs work alongside their clients to help create their vision. You dictate the level of input you want to have in the design, whether it be a few ideas over the phone or an in-depth meeting with us, you decide. We can aid you in your designs or help achieve your vision with the option of prototypes being made prior to the final project. 

Cut & Form

We are able to cut and shape acrylic to any desired size or length.


This is where Callender Designs are able to show off their craftsman skills. With more than 35 years experience working as a craftsman Calmeth Callender aka Junior, has been able to pull off some stunning visuals. From mitring, bending, moulding, glueing & polishing, if you can dream it we will do our upmost to make it. Some of our fabrications are displayed in our gallery.

Finish & Polish

There are 3 ways of polishing; diamond, flame and buff. This is where Callender Designs will take the final piece from the workshop to the spotlight. Polishing and creating a perfect final finish is most important when delivering the finished project to our customer. For those of you that have acrylic that needs bringing back to life, we also provide a service of polishing and renewing the look of the acrylic.

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